Professional and Fast Mattress Stain Removal

      A stained mattress is not only unpleasant to the eyes but also spreads infection. Especially, the stains left by urine or blood can be very harmful to the health. If you want the mattress to look spotless and bright, then you must book the mattress stain cleaning service after every few months. At Thrive Mattress Cleaning, we have a team of certified people who can remove all sorts of stains with a suitable mattress stain cleaner.

      Our professional mattress cleaning services can be booked by both commercial place owners and house owners. We are dedicated and punctual when it comes to working. You will not be disappointed after looking at the results as we employ the best products and machines to eliminate the stains. Wondering what is the price of our service? Contact us and get a price quotation for free. You can book the appointment via this website or you can simply dial our number for more details and assistance.

      Why Mattress Stain Cleaning Is Beneficial?

      When stains take over the mattress, various problems can be faced. Let’s understand those problems and see how services can help us:

      • When we remove the stains at home with a wet cloth, their germs are not removed neither they become invisible. In expert cleaning, excellent mattress stain cleaner is used. The stains are gone and mattress looks fresh.
      • Stains formed by blood, urine, vomit, cosmetics, mould, pets and ink can be removed without any harm caused to the mattress.
      • Stain cleaning service prolongs the life of a mattress.
      • In spot removal service, biodegradable and harmless products are used.
      • Specialists can manage stain removal in lots of mattresses at one time. If your business requires a team that can remove blemishes from many mattresses, do contact Thrive Mattress Cleaning now!

      Why Experts are Important?

      You can enjoy many benefits by opting for professional help over self mattress cleaning methods. Have a look at them:

      • Certified team can deal with different kinds of problems associated with a filthy mattress.
      • Bad stains such as urine stains and blood stains can be cleaned by them, with mattress stain remover (urine stain removal) product.
      • Instead of using detergent and water, the professionals use specialised products. This makes the whole process fast and effective.
      • You can expect visible results after one-time cleaning.
      • The cleaners can customise the process according to the condition of your mattress.
      • People suffering from health issues must rely on experts because they can use non-allergic products for cleaning.

      Process of Stain Removal

      To achieve the perfect outcome, hard work and planning of our team are incurred. Know how we work:

      • After reaching the client’s address, we start the work immediately. All the corners, sides and seams are reviewed. The stains, their types and their causes are recognised.
      • According to the types of stains, some products are selected for the process.
      • With a powerful vacuum cleaner, the dust particles are unwanted trash particles are removed.
      • The best mattress stain remover is sprayed and rubbed over the spots. The product is allowed to sit on the fabric for some time.
      • Lastly, the dissolved stains are removed and the mattress is left to get dry.

      Why Should You Choose Thrive Mattress Cleaning?

      We are serving the people in Hobart for many years with our outstanding range of mattress cleaning services. Here, we have listed the factors that make us special:

      • Online Bookings
      • Helpful Customer Care Department
      • Use of Specialised and Modern Equipment
      • Biodegradable Mattress Stain Remover
      • Same Day Appointments
      • Experienced Team
      • Client Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Commercial and Residential Mattress Cleaning
      • Affordable Pricing

      Stain Prevention Techniques

      Are you finding it tricky to keep the mattress free of stains? Don’t panic! When you have kids, pets or lazy people at home, maintaining cleanliness can be difficult. Try to follow these tips and see how easily you will be able to keep the mattress tidy and presentable for a long time:

      • Pet’s urine and dander can leave some ugly marks on the bed. If you want to protect the mattress, then you should not bring untrained pets on the bed.
      • Stain and liquid-resistant covers for mattresses save the mattress from various kinds of spots that are formed by urine, beverages and food.
      • Clean the stains when they are fresh. As the stains become old, they become difficult to remove. Use a wet cloth to remove the stains but make sure that the mattress gets dry completely.

      To keep the mattress clean, it is essential to remove the stains regularly. When too many blemishes stay on a mattress, the look of the mattress gets completely spoiled. By booking the professional mattress cleaning services from Thrive Mattress Cleaning, you can retain the original colour and shine of the mattress for many years.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Are DIY hacks helpful in stain removal?

      Ingredients such as vinegar and liquid dish soap can fade the marks but they cannot completely remove them. For permanent removal, a high-quality chemical mattress stain cleaner is required. For old and tough stains, you should always book the expert service.

      2. What is the estimated price of this service?

      To know the price of this service, you can contact us. We will provide you with a free quotation according to your needs.

      3. How many hours are generally required by your team to remove the spots?

      Depending on the fabric type, foam condition and types of stains, the duration can vary from a few minutes to a few hours.

      4. Do you test the products before using them?

      Our team of experts has done intense research on the products. With their experience and knowledge, they identify the mattress type and choose the most appropriate product.

      5. Can you remove blood stains from my mattress?

      Yes, we can eliminate blood spots from the mattress. Our cleaners are trained and can remove all possible kinds of stains with ease.

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