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      Have you noticed a sudden increase in skin allergies and infections in your body? Germs, moulds and dust mites can be the reasons for these problems. Vacuuming is not going to solve the purpose. You need to book services like mattress dust-mite treatment, mattress mould removal, and mattress sanitizing.

      Thrive Mattress Cleaning is a reliable name in the industry and our team is known to deliver mind-blowing results. Right from mattress stain removal to mattress steam cleaning, all the solutions offered by us are popular among our clients. If you want to hire our mattress cleaning expert for mattress professional cleaning, then book our services online or call us to get more details.

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      Our Services

      Mattress Steam Cleaning

      Steam is injected into the mattress to destroy germs and remove dirt.

      Mould Removal

      Fungus treatment is done with modern tools and products.

      Stain Removal

      Book our service and get rid of all types of stains.

      Dust Mite Treatment

      Protect your health and mattress from harmful and tiny dust mites with our treatment.

      Mattress Sanitizing

      In this service, our experts use disinfectants to exterminate the germs.

      How does Mattress Cleaning Services Help People?

      You can face both monetary and health losses by ignoring deep cleaning of the mattress after regular intervals. If you don’t want to face those challenges, then you should choose our services that offer the following advantages:

      • The maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness becomes simplified when cleaning is done with advanced processes.
      • Regular treatments prevent the amplification of the problem. When the stains and dust mites are left untreated, they become even more harmful.
      • You can’t depend on simple vacuuming for severe issues like mould infestation and urine stains. Different mattress cleaning services from a dependable company can only save your mattress from big troubles.
      • Keeping the mattresses clean is a prime requirement for some commercial places. Booking the services can be helpful in achieving this goal.

      There are several benefits of booking the mattress professional cleaning solutions. If you want to avail the advantages of such amazing services, call Thrive Mattress Cleaning anytime and book the services easily.

      Why Thrive Mattress Cleaning’s Services are the Best?

      We are the topmost choice of the clients when it comes to mattress cleaning. Our quality and commitment to delivering results make us special. Have a look at the key advantages that our amazing company offers:

      • Book all the services from one platform and that too at an affordable price.
      • Whether it is day or night, our mattress cleaning service can be booked at any time online.
      • We maintain high-quality of services.
      • Our team is backed with modern technology devices and excellent products.
      • Non-allergic and biodegradable cleaning products are used by our specialists.

      Solution to Last-Minute Requirements

      Are your guests arriving at your home tonight and the mattresses are still dirty? Reach out to us and book our services. Yes, you can book the service before 3-4 hours and get the cleaning chore done by some dedicated professionals. We understand the hassle of your life and you can forget to book the service. That’s why we provide the benefit of same-day or emergency booking.

      Why Should You Hire a Mattress Cleaning Expert?

      Hiring a professional cleaner can have various advantages. Check them out here:

      • The specialists are certified and can be trusted for the cleaning work.
      • Hi-tech machines and advanced products are used by our professionals.
      • The professionals from Thrive Mattress Cleaning can clean mattresses quickly.
      • The experts know about different mattresses and the procedures that are highly suitable for them.

      Process We Follow

      For in-depth cleaning of the fabric and foam, it is important to execute all the steps carefully. Our team follows these steps to rejuvenate the mattress.


      The examination of the mattress is done by our proficient cleaners.


      Dust and other particles stuck in the mattress are collected through a vacuum cleaner.

      Stain Treatment

      A Variety of stains are treated with effective products.


      In this step, the mattress is made clean by removing the germs.


      The odour removal solution is applied to the mattress by the experts.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1.What makes professional cleaning different from self mattress cleaning?
      Being an untrained person, you might damage the mattress. Harsh scrubbing, use of excessive water and use of a wrong product can harm the mattress. But, specialists can clean the mattress with perfection.

      2. Is mattress cleaning a time-consuming process?

      The time taken by our team depends on the damage that needs to be fixed. Advanced equipment and good-quality products have made it possible for us to clean the mattress in a limited time.

      3. Why is dust mite treatment vital?

      When the enzyme contained in the faeces of the mites enters the human body, allergic reactions start. Right from skin allergy to breathing problem, various side effects can be noticed because of dust mites. Mattress dust mite treatment helps in avoiding these serious health problems.

      4. How mattress cleaning benefits our clients?

      Our mattress cleaning services Bracknell provide relief from health problems, stains and the pale texture of the mattress.

      5. How many services are offered by Thrive Mattress Cleaning?

      At present, our company is offering 5 services: mould removal, dust-mite treatment, stain removal, steam cleaning and mattress sanitizing.

      Know More about Us

      Services Offered by Thrive Mattress Cleaning

      We aim at resolving various mattress problems like dust mites and mould with help of some latest solutions. Have a look at the services offered by our team:

      1. Steam Cleaning

      High temperature of steam makes it easy for the experts to remove the toughest spots and dirt particles from the mattress. In the steam cleaning procedure, a modern steam cleaning machine is used to eliminate the spots. The powerful impact of the steam helps in destroying bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microbes. This service is perfect for those clients who prefer a more natural and chemical-free type of cleaning. With almost no use of chemicals, it is environment-safe and health-friendly for everyone.


      • Eco-friendly process.
      • No chemicals are involved.
      • Stain Removal Service

      Mattress stain removal is beneficial in rejuvenating the health of the mattress. Spots of urine, coffee, wine and many other kinds of liquids can ruin the mattress. To deal with the annoying stains, our team spray the stain removal solution on the top of the mattress and scrub it gently. Right from harmful pet stains to harmless ink stains, we can remove all types of stains without taking too many hours.


      • Mattress looks pleasant after treatment.
      • All the marks are removed.
      • Visible results within no time.

      3. Mould Removal

      Fungus infestation can be a hazardous situation. Right from fungal infections to respiratory tract infections, many problems can arise due to fungus. The mould removal products used by our company are of high quality and do not cause allergies. With advanced technology and genuine products, we are able to exterminate the fungus easily.


      • Saves you from skin problems.
      • The fabric becomes clean.
      • The odour of the mould is removed.

      4. Dust-Mite Treatment

      The dust mites are so tiny that they can’t be seen with naked eyes. Removing them from the mattress is crucial to get rid of allergic reactions. This service is loved by our clients because the dust mites are very harmful to health. Our experts help people to stay allergy-free life with amazing services. Handling the dust particles is not an easy job and you need help from professionals to deal with these microscopic beings.


      • Prevention of allergies becomes simple.

      5. Mattress Sanitizing

      Liquids and dirt particles that get trapped inside the mattress can be the cause of serious diseases. In the sanitisation process, the germs are killed with chemical disinfectants. You don’t have to worry about the harshness of the sanitisers as they are composed of safe and tested ingredients.


      • Mattress looks and smells fresh
      • Germs are destroyed.
      • Life of mattress increases

      Detailed Process of Mattress Professional Cleaning

      • Assessment

      Our experts pay attention to every corner of the mattress in order to find out the flaws. Types of stains, mould spread and damage caused by dust mites are some things that are checked by our workers. Our team selects the ideal products for cleaning only after examining the mattress.

      • Removal of Dust Particles

      When you leave the window open, the dust particles enter the bedroom. These particles settle in the mattress and become the food for the dust mites. The experts clean the mattress with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner and ensure that dust particles are removed properly.

      • Elimination of Stains

      The stains snatch away the brightness and original colour of the mattress. To make the mattress look aesthetically pleasing, it is essential to book the mattress stain removal service from Thrive Mattress Cleaning. Our staff members can remove all types of spots with ease. They know the right tricks and techniques that are essential for stain removal.

      • Our Advanced Services

      We believe in customisation because the problems and the types of mattresses can be completely different. For a particular problem, we tend to provide a particular service. Mattress dust-mite treatment is provided for dust mites while the mould removal procedure is used for fungus removal.

      • Sanitisation

      When cleaning treatment is finished, the mattress cleaners Bracknell spray the sanitisers to eradicate the microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

      • Foul Odour Elimination

      A clean mattress should also smell nice. Our team sprays deodorants to remove the bad odour of the mattress.

      • Drying

      The solvents used in the mattress cleaning service are absorbed by the mattress. A wet mattress can be problematic. That’s why our company dries the mattress and ensure that it becomes moisture-free.

      Take Care of the Mattress: Top Tips

      • Get a vacuum cleaner. Dust particles and dirt will not gather in the mattress if vacuuming is done regularly.
      • Keep the mattress as dry as possible.
      • Even trained pets can pee on the mattress. So, try to keep the furry friends away from the bed.
      • Non-allergen beddings can protect the mattress from dust mites.
      • Natural sunlight and air are essential for the good health of the mattress.

      Large Scale Cleaning of the Mattresses

      Do you have hundreds of mattresses in the hotel or hospital? Just contact us regularly and get the mattresses deep-cleaned by our cleaners. Thrive Mattress Cleaning has been trending in the industry for a while because of the performance that we deliver. We infuse our expertise with technology and provide a guaranteed solution. When it comes to prices, you don’t have to panic. Both residential and commercial services are affordable. Click on ‘Book Now’, and get ready to witness an amazing transformation of your filthy mattress into a shiny and clean one.

      Affordable and Dependable Solutions

      Have you paid a huge sum of money to some unreliable companies and not got the desired results? Now, choose our company to get assured results and that too without paying a high price. Our company offers an extensive assortment of services like mattress mould removal, dust mite treatment, spot removal, etc. You can book our services without worrying about the prices as there are no hidden charges. So, enjoy the results of excellent work at affordable rates.

      Why Should You Avoid Self Mattress-Cleaning Methods?

      • DIY methods should be restricted to small problems like small stains.
      • The ingredients used in DIY hacks are easily available and cheap but are not strong enough to deal with bigger issues.
      • When an unprofessional person tries to clean the mattress, the results can be worst. Every ingredient may not be suitable for cleaning.
      • The professionals have immense knowledge of clean processes. You must trust them to prevent health problems.

      Mattress cleaning services Bracknell can reduce the stress and load from your shoulders. You just need to relax and schedule the service. The professionals will do their work with excellence and you will be left with a neat and fresh mattress. Isn’t it a hassle-free process? So, choose us and get rid of all the problems that a dirty mattress can cause.

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